FCMDL – Felt Cute, Might Delete Later


In FCMDL Christensen invites the viewer to question the digital reformation of our former physical existence.  His inquisition employs religious themes that both embrace and satirize the overarching vanity of our digital age addiction.  With pixilated imagery the artist depicts our self - absorbed euphoria rudely interrupted by momentary glitches that foreground the insatiable pornographic tease of “online existence.”  Equally epiphanic are Christensen’s depiction of trending brands which are likewise seen as over-inflated and invasive constructs in our daily lives.  The “messaging” across Christensen’s work is cautionary---the canary in the coalmine red flagging our digital dependence and its’ far from salubrious impact on our modern world.


“This is more than an art show, it’s a movement – Profound!” - Karen Auster, Auster Agency.


N. Dean Christensen (aka Deansace - b. 1992, Louisville, KY) is a figurative painter whose body of work considers how the indissoluble connection and potential addiction to our smartphones influences our lives. He has gained a reputation for garnering media attention with his prolific solo exhibitions.  His first solo show, "The Millennial Man; Me My Selfie and I" (Galerie Hertz, Louisville, KY) was a sell-out success and his second show “Who Is Dean Christensen” (Greenpoint Gallery, Brooklyn, NY) added to his buzz. He is the subject of a documentary, “The Millennial Man”, and has recently garnered international recognition with an interview with “The Cultural” based in the Canary Islands.  Other press includes interviews with Courier Journal, Leo Weekly, and Insider Louisville. Christensen has received numerous prestigious awards including Best of Show, First Place Professional Painting, and the Purchase Award at the Kentucky Museum.  He was also chosen as the artist to represent Kentucky on Figure 50 for the year 2016. Christensen’s training is comprehensive, having attended intensive painting workshops at the Scottsdale Artist’s School in Arizona, the Palette and Chisel in Chicago, and The Art Student’s League in New York City. Dean Christensen holds a BFA in painting from Western Kentucky University.


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