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“Ride to Valhalla” ~ $2,100

On display at Prophecy Ink ~ December 2020 - February 2021

December 5, 2020

Live Performance -

"Beating A Dead Horse"


Hannah DeWitt is a young artist living and working in Louisville, Kentucky. She is currently earning her MFA at the Hite Art Institute, and has a BFA from Spalding University. With an emphasis on the interdisciplinary, Hannah DeWitt uses the power of willful vulnerability to make statements about abusive structures, the self, and the persistent trauma that seems to be an inherent part of womanhood. 

KK biopic web.jpg

Kaleb Knowles is an acrylic painter from Atlanta Georgia, new to the art scene here in Louisville. He left Atlanta two weeks after graduating high school where he enlisted into the United States Marine Corps at 18 yrs old. He served in both 2d Tank Bn and Infantry Bn 3/2 during his time in service. Kaleb suffered two traumatic brain injuries and severe optical nerve damage damaging his vision. For part of his therapy he started painting and discovered it to be both a passion and heeling.


This piece is called “Ride to Valhalla” It is a play of Norse myth as the ravens flying over the boat signify death and the ship representing escape.


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